SPIN : Give Us This Day Our Daily Spin

2018-01-11 12.36.03.jpg

I don’t know how to meditate. I’ve tried it in the past but it just doesn’t come naturally and never seems to stick. Sitting down and intentionally not doing anything is hard for me. I feel like I’ve wasted time. See, I’m a doer. When I’m anxious, sad, or stressed out, I do. Clean. Straighten. Organize. Knit. Plan. Move.  

Spinning has become my happy middle ground. Similar to knitting, it gives me a relaxing activity that still leaves me feeling productive. For about an hour every morning, after taking the dog for a walk and before any caffeine, I sit down in front of my wheel and spin. 

The drafting of the fibers, pulling and releasing. The hum of the wheel and bobbin going round and round. The feel of the wool on my fingers. The rhythmic pedaling. I allow my mind to get lost in these things. I end up, or rather, I start each day, with a quieter, more relaxed mind and 20gms of wool on my bobbin. 

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