KNIT : KnitCrate and Rethinking Color

If you've followed my blog or Instagram for even a brief time, you'll quickly learn I'm a lover of gray and neutral tones. The idea of subscription box yarn clubs seemed like something I wouldn't get much from--unless of course, they were sending me piles of gray yarn every month. But I'm about five months into KnitCrate and I have to say, it's changing my approach to color! I opened June's box and saw this Knits and Knots Tahoe yarn and suddenly wanted to knit a lightweight hap shawl (gray center with a lacy border in the above yarn) and wrap it around my shoulders on early summer evening walking the boardwalk. 

While I do (and no doubt always will) have a soft spot for subtle muted colors, part of why I shy away from *color* is because I'm afraid of it. I've always been impressed with quilters who mix and match bold prints so effortlessly, knitters who combine many contrasting colors and make it work. I take the no-brainer, easy route like I mentioned above--mainly gray with a single, subtle, safe pop of color. Eventually, with all of these beautiful yarns showing up in my mailbox each month, I get the feeling my world will become more colorful. So, if like me, you find yourself stuck in a color rut, try out a subscription like KnitCrate!

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