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Last week’s mention made me realize I never actually shared the final results of my 52 Weeks. Mostly it’s been due to procrastinating the actual act of sitting down and putting together the above mosaic. For those of you who don’t know, over 2013 I took a self-portrait every week. It’s funny to see just how much I’ve grown and changed over the course of these 52 photos. Well, perhaps, from an outside perspective it isn’t so noticeable (beyond my hair getting longer and with a few more grays.) But I see it. Even though it’s just a year’s time, often just a matter of months, I can see and feel change within myself, what I’ve learned and how I’m settling into a certain comfort and confidence in this skin.

Some weeks were a breeze, inspiration and execution came quickly and easily. There were weeks where I had a hard time coming up with a portrait and weeks when I had a hard time sharing. Some weeks were fun and light while others more serious. I want to say thank you for being supportive through the journey.

(And don’t worry, I wont put you through this many photos of me again!)

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