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Second Roll

Here is the second roll I mentioned in this post. These were shot with a Canon AE-1 and 50mm lens with expired 400 ISO Kodak film and are unedited. This particular roll expired back in 2002 and it shows by the quality and some interesting coloring and leaks. (Which is part of the fun of film photography.)

Return to Film

Back in March, a friend gave me a secondhand iPhone5 to use around the house with our wi-fi. So far our family hasn’t jumped on the smartphone train. Some of us wanted to, other’s didn’t, but in the end, money has been the final say in why we haven’t upgraded. I’ve personally wanted one for a while, simply because I figured: 1.) it’d be convenient to have a small camera to carry around 2.) it’d be fun to join instagram and 3.) it’d be useful to check emails quickly without having to always be in front of the computer. The last couple months I’ve developed a love/hate relationship, which I expected. Nothing annoys me more than seeing someone in a group of friends staring at their phone. I’m trying hard to never become that person. But, also as I expected, it has been nice to have a pocket sized camera, share and keep up with friends on instagram and have my laptop tucked away for days.

However, I realized, I do still prefer my DSLR, in all its bulky inconvenience. I often find myself taking photos with that and using Dropbox to upload them to my phone to share on Instagram and the like. The unnatural quickness and immediate gratification of a smartphone camera (and even of a digital SLR) has encouraged me to go back to film a bit more lately. So I dug out my Grandfather’s AE-1 and finished a roll I started last summer (seen in this post. I’ll be back with a second batch from the next roll, which I shot up over the last couple weeks.) These were shot with a Canon AE-1 and 50mm lens with expired 400 ISO no-name-brand film and are unedited.