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Simple Drawstring Pouch Tutorial

These simple, unlined drawstring pouches are perfect for so many uses—storing trinkets, keeping works-in-progress, giving gifts, even for lunch bags. I know there are a million and one drawstring bag tutorials online but I’ve found this to be the simplest way to make one or (especially) multiple bags quickly and still get a nice, neat look. The trick is to use a serger to make it speedy. However, if you don’t have a serger, you could always use pinking shears or certain zigzag or hemming stitches but they might fray more with use or washing. This tutorial shows you how to make these bags, as well as how to customize for just about any size you want.

(Click here to view the tutorial document.)

(I apologize for the horrible lighting. Such is the trouble with saving rainy days for sewing.)

Deluxe Tri-Fold Interchangeable Knitting Needle Case Tutorial

This tri-fold case is designed to hold a set of interchangeable circular needles—the needle tips and cables as well as DPNs and fixed circulars plus a large zippered pocket in the back to hold loose accessories and tools that might otherwise get lost. I am not brave enough to use DPNs myself and only have one 5” set. The two side panels are 6” wide so they hold mine perfectly fine. But those of you with the longer DPNs (like 7”) might want to increase the overall width. An easier option would be to sew narrow pockets in the center panel for longer DPNs. Overall, this has been designed to suit the needles and tools I have, so I highly suggest you read the document thoroughly first to see if want to make any changes or modifications.

View, download or print the directions here.