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HISTORY : In My Grandma's Sewing Basket

After my Grandma passed away last year, all I requested of hers were a few things with sentimental value: a Virgin Mary figurine, a couple of aprons, a stack of cookbooks, a small milk glass dish, and her sewing basket.

Many years ago, she knocked on my sewing room door, which butted against her kitchen in the basement, and invited me in. "I have something for you." She had laid out the contents of her sewing basket on her bed. We went through it together, putting back what she thought she might still need and giving me the rest. Old buttons, half empty spools of thread, a little wooden needle holder, a patchwork pin cushion.

Afterwards, the basket was tucked back in its usual spot behind the couch. She rarely opened it. Every once in a while, I'd thread a needle for her but mostly either my Mom or I offered to do any repairs or mending for her. Now that basket sits in my sewing room. I open it occasionally, just to see and touch all the little notions and supplies and think of her.

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HISTORY : Family Knits
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When my Grandma was here, visiting for the holidays, she gave me a scarf that was my father's when he was little. His Aunt made it for him. She was apparently a great knitter.  It's a little grey woolen scarf with a textural triangle design at the hems. 

In our cedar chest, we have four small handknit sweaters, all knit by my great grandmother. First are two striped pullovers that were made for my Dad's cousins, twin sisters.  I'm sure my great aunt handed them down to my mother when she had twins, too. There is also a pair of cardigans, gray with green trim, that belonged my father and uncle. (I love the style and hope to use this pattern to make similar ones someday.)

Shortly after I started knitting, my father gave me a sweater and hat set that my Great Grandmother knit for him when he was a teenager. It's the inspiration for a new pattern I've been slowly but surely working on and will hopefully share more about it next month.

Do you have any old knits that have been handed down?