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Collaboration Call Out

Back in January, I mentioned that I’d like to collaborate more with fellow bloggers and crafters this year. I’ve talked to a lot of people lately about future team-ups here on the blog. Mostly it’s a lot of brainstorming and bouncing ideas off each other but there are some plans in the works and posts scheduled. I’d like to reach out to you to see if you’d like to take part in two collaborations I’m planning.

The first is a word association style photo challenge. The word I’ve chosen is ‘stitch.’ Basically, you interpret and capture the word ‘stitch’ in a single photo. Photo and art challenges have always helped keep my creativity from getting stale. Since finishing my 52 Weeks project, I feel like a fresh challenge is in order. Anyone can take part. Simply send me an email with your submission (make sure it’s JPG format and at least 1000 pixels wide and no mosaics or animated GIFs, please.) Also include a link to your blog/site so I can post it with your photo. I will be accepting submissions until February 26th and be choosing four (or maybe more?) to share here on the blog. If it goes well and you all enjoy it, similar photo challenges might become a feature here.

Then in April, I’m hoping to do a Spring Giveaway, teaming up with a lot of makers and bloggers to offer a great prize package for one of you lucky readers. It’s still a ways off so it’s very much in the preliminary stages but if you want to join in by contributing something handmade-related, feel free to contact me! (Again, if all goes well, I might aim for more seasonal group giveaways in the future.)

Hope those of you in the paths of the recent snow storms have dug yourselves out! We due to get even more tomorrow morning!

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Let's Collaborate

Since switching to a one column design here on the blog, there is no longer room for ads or button swaps in a sidebar. At first, I wasn’t sure if I liked not having that option but then I realized it was the perfect opportunity to collaborate with fellow bloggers and small brands. It’s very easy to drop a link in my sidebar and hope my readers click on it. The point of a blog is to share, interact and connect with fellow like-minded people. I have a lot of collaborative ideas swirling around my head for the year and I’m hoping to get the chance to execute them with many of you.

If you have a small shop and want to team up to promote your goods or service, feel free to contact me. I’m open to doing giveaways, reviews and other promotional content here on the blog, especially creative, outside-the-box methods of promoting.

And I’m not only calling out for business related collaborations, I’m very interested in personal ones as well, like swaps, group giveaways, group effort creations, guest blogging, teaming up for good causes, games, series, link-ups and more with fellow creative bloggers. If you have any ideas you want to pitch at me, I’m open!