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A Mid-June Day at Buckaloo View

This past weekend marked the first official day of Summer. Ideally, I had hoped to share the Spring (and final) installment of my seasonal video series but for some reason, a collection of clips taken over the course of just one beautiful and full day seemed more apt. This video shows the growings and goings-ons around Buckaloo View a little over a week ago. A lot has changed (ripe mulberries!) but somethings are still the same, progressing slowly waiting for their moment to shine (I’m looking at you peaches!) The video is choppy and scattered and bitter and sweet and peaceful and hopeful—just like things feel around here.

(As with most of my videos, I recommend you click-through and watch it in HD. As much as I like Vimeo, I can justify a paid subscription now which means I can’t embed HD.)

First Day Outside

The chicks are a little over a month old and just met the great outdoors. It took some coaxing to get them to go out and, after an hour pecking and exploring, even more coaxing to get them to go back in. The run needed some tweaks so I wasn’t comfortable leaving them out there all day or unsupervised. Luckily the next day, good people came over and secured up the problem areas and now they can go out when they wish. (I recommend clicking through to watch in HD. The song is “Intermission” by Cœur de Pirate. Want more chicken cuteness? Here is another quick video.)

Have a great weekend.

Winter 13/14 Video

Here is it, an homage to winter of 2013/2014. I’m still a bit skeptical that the season is really over. It seemed to linger a lot longer than it needed to. Very often, spring would sneak in for a day only to have a bitter, bitter, week-long cold snap follow it. Despite over-staying it’s welcome, I do love the season and hope you enjoy these captures. Though I apologize: During my last two videos, I was using my brother’s lens which has ‘image stabilizing.’ I went back to my own (older) lens for winter and I’m wondering if that contributed to it being so shaky.

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