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PODCAST : Episode 4 : Finished Knits, Brainstorming, and Basement Sounds

Happy Friday! Today the Buckaloo View Shop has been updated with some new yarns dyed with things like elderberries and tulips and I finally wound up and listed the turmeric skeins I dyed a while back. A striped butcher's apron, more lavender sachets and bags and zip pouches.

Plus, there is a new episode of the podcast up! In this episode, I share the above items that were added to the shop and some recently finished knits (which I've posted about here on the blog already.) As well as three works in progress (another pair of Charcoal and Ash Mitts, Farmhouse and Fair Isle Flower Socks.)  My Spring Swap package arrived from my partner Fran from La Lainiere. No chicken talk this time, but I did mention a little about how the garden is doing and how I want to make mock-version of Takuan, which are pickled daikon radishes.

I also threw some ideas out there to get your feedback. In case you aren't into watching the podcasts, I'll mention them here as well. /// I'll be hosting a Summer Swap soon, similar to the Spring one, so keep that in mind. /// I'd also like to host a Local Fiber Swap later in the summer, if you would be interested. Participants would send their partner yarn or fiber that was sourced within 100 miles from them (or some such similar criteria.) /// A Scavenger Hunt Giveaway to help promote our small shops is another idea I had. Clues would be hidden in a series of shops. To enter, you'd have to find all the clues and a winner would be drawn from the correct answers. Fellow makers with shops, let me know if you want to participate! /// To help promote my own yarn, I'd love to team up with knitwear designers. If you're a designer and would like me to contribute the yarn for an upcoming pattern, just send me an email with your idea/sketch/concept/swatch, what yarn would need and the links to your designer profile, blog, etc. /// Would you be interested in me doing a couple special podcast episodes: one where I share my personal natural dye stash (and/or other yarns in my stash) and one where I review my library of natural dye books?

Have a great weekend!

PODCAST : Episode 3 : Spring Dyes, Starting the Garden, and Interruptions

Summary + Notes

In this episode, I announce that the Buckaloo View Shop will be updated on May 15th with recently dyed yarn, including forsythia, dandelion, daffodil,  onion skin, and cherry bark. As well as osage orange sent to me by Anna. And simple tote bags. I've been in a bit of knitting slump and haven't made much progress on my Up + Down Socks, even though April is already over. However, I have been working a bit on my Lieselotte Shawl and am planning out my future shawl knitting schedule (which includes the Olivia and the Blóm.) The baby chicks are over a month old and the garden has been plowed and is already filling up. Nina of Fuzzy Love Knots sent me an awesome package filled with fiber and goodies and I scored big on some great yarn at an estate sale. I'm loving my most recent purchase from Little Truths Studio and a book that was gifted to me, called Health Through God's Pharmacy by Maria Treben. I also share my "Top Three Handmade Items" and my "Top Three Things I Love About My Home" and I would be so happy if you shared your "Top Three" for these topics as well!  You can comment here at this post, over at YouTube or, preferably, at the Ravelry post.

PODCAST : Episode 2 : Baby Chicks, Messy Hair and Perfect Spring Weather

Part I
Lieselotte Shawl by Beatrice Perron Dahlen of Thread and Ladle
Up + Down Socks by Anne Merrow
Andi of My Sister's Knitter
Part III
Wild Starlight Magazine (site is under construction but follow on Instagram @wildstarlight_ for updates)
Strange Trails by Lord Huron
Drink the Harvest by Nan K Chase
Quench by Ashley English
Part IV
Nina of Fuzzy Love Knots
Annie of Knitted Home

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