A Yo-Yo Handbag

A little while back, Diane over at craftstylish asked if she could modify my handle bunch purse tutorial. The end result is absolutely adorable! The colors she chose make her version so perfect for fall. It's a clear and concise tutorial and easy to modify to any handbag. I love yo-yos but I always thought they were too difficult to attempt. (I always thought the ruching was difficult too, but turns out, not so much.) Not to mention I never knew quite how to apply them to another project. I guess I'll have to give them a try now. If you make a bag from my tutorial or Diane's modification, I'd love to see it. I have been sewing lately. But nothing much to share, just alterations for family members. I have a handful of projects, including an organic jumper, that got shuffled aside, but I vow to get to them next week.