St. Brigid's Cross Coaster Tutorial

IMG_9674As mentioned last night, here is the tutorial. These coasters were inspired by the shape of St. Brigid’s Cross. I think they look great with some stripes, like this ticking. If you want to bust your scraps, you can always use different prints in one coaster.

Finished coaster size is 4 1/2”

These instructions are for ONE COASTER. You need to repeat for however many coasters you want.

You’ll need: One 2 1/4" x at least 12" of main fabric and one 1 1/4" x at least 12" of contrast fabric (Or four 2 1/4” x 3" of main fabric and four 1 1/4" x 3" of contrast fabric if you’re working with smaller or different pattern scraps.) 5 1/4” x 5 1/4” back fabric 5 1/4” x 5 1/4” of cotton batting

IMG_9662 Cut the pieces.

IMG_9663 With the right side of the main fabric up and the wrong side of the contrast fabric up, line up the long edges of the fabrics. This is the shortcut. You can sew each 3” piece individually. Sew 1/4" along the long seam. Then iron seam open.

IMG_9665 Cut at 3” intervals.

IMG_9666 You should have four pieces that look like this.

IMG_9634 Lay them out so you get a good idea of what it’ll look like finished.

IMG_9635 Place one piece in front of you like this, with the contrast to the left.

IMG_9636 Then, with right sides together place another square on top with the contrast at the top. Stitch along the top seam.

IMG_9637 Repeat for the other two squares. Then flip one so it look like this.

IMG_9638 With right sides together, stitch the middle seam bringing it all together.

IMG_9668 Next layer the batting, the back fabric (right side up) and the coaster top (right side down).

IMG_9671 Stitch all layers together leaving an opening.

IMG_9670 I recommend leaving the opening along a stretch where there is no seam, like seen in the photo. This is so you won’t risk pulling the seam open when turning right-side out.

IMG_9672 Clip the corners.

IMG_9673 Now turn inside out, using a something blunt but pointy, like a crochet hook to poke out the corners. Iron nicely.

IMG_9674 Stitch about 1/8” around the edges, closing up the opening.

Or you can simply whip stitch the opening close, like I did for these or these. And you're done with one coaster. Repeat for the next three or five or seven or nine hundred ninety nine.

Questions or comments or notice any errors, feel free to contact me. For personal use only please.