Liesl Made Butcher's Apron Tutorial.

Liesl Made Butcher's Apron TutorialFirst of all, I'd like to apologize for the inconsistent photos--my studio is surprisingly difficult to get photos in. I did my best to touch them up.

Also, I'd like to remind you this is for personal use only. Meaning you can't make this apron to sell. Thank you.

This is a tutorial for a full body apron that will hit about your mid-thigh to knee, depending on your height. It fits a variety of sizes. If you're skinny you can wrap the strings around and tie in front, or if your plus sizes, you can tie in the back. The design is so that it will fit a variety of shapes as well. Also works great for guys too!

There are a ton of photos, so click below to expand the tutorial.

Liesl Made Butcher's Apron

You'll need:

1 yard home decor weight fabric

1 yard cotton contrast

a piece of paper for the pattern at least 14 1/2" by 32"

usual sewing supplies


Start by drafting your pattern as seen. I've gridded it out so hopefully you won't have trouble. You'll need a piece of paper at least 14 1/2" x 32". I like using freezer paper personally. Use the measurements given to create a gradual curve.

With the long straight edge on the fold of the fabric, cut out your apron body.

Mark the placements of the pockets by drawing a dot on all four corners with a water soluble pencil or some chalk.

Next mark 1" along all three straight edges.

Clip the two corners as seen.

Fold the fabric back so the points match up with the lines. This is how you do mitered corners.

Along one side fold the fabric back 1/2".

Fold back another 1/2". See how nice and neat it makes your corners! Pin hems in place.

Set your stitch width all the way to the left.

Stitch about 1/8" from the inside edge all the way around, lifting the presser foot and pivoting at the two corners.

Speaking of the corners, they should look like this now!

Now to make the pockets and strings.

Fold your fabric in half along the bias.

Up in the squared corner is where I usually cut the pockets out.  You'll need two 9" squares. Set them aside for later.

Now cut down that fold with scissors.

With the two cut sorta-triangles still together, fold that long cut bias edge in half as seen, measure out two 4" wide strips and cut out. This will give you four separate bias strips. This will be plenty enough.

Stitch the angled ends together as seen about 1/4" until you have one long piece.

On one end, cut a 13"-ish piece for the top contrast. I have a pattern piece made for the contrast that is a bit wider but for the sake of convenience, I'm showing you how to do it this way.

On the long ends, iron back 1/2".

Then in half.

Now comes attaching it to the apron body. Place as seen.

Fold down and pin. Stitch about 1/8" from the edge.

Trim the excess.

Now I usually do the pockets.

Mark 1" around all edges. Fold down the top hem and stitch about 1/8" from the inside edge.

Now do mitered corners like I showed you before. Don't forget to clip the corners like seen in the photo above.

They should look like this now.

Now pin in place on the apron body using the dots you marked earlier as a guide.

At this point I'll show you what the finished pocket stitching will look like to see where you're heading in case any of the following instructions get confusing and you think I'm sending you and your needle all over the place. The stitching is a bit faint in the photo but if you click the above image, you'll see it larger. You could easily do a single stitch but I think this looks nicer and is sturdier. Excuse the fact that I haven't clipped the threads in the photo!

With your needle all the way to the left, start stitching down the right side of the pocket.

Stop when you get about 3/8" from the bottom edge.

Leaving your needle down, lift the presser foot and pivot to become parallel to the bottom edge.

Continue stitching down that side and then the left side. Now pivot to create the small line at the top. It should only be a few stitches.

Pivot (yet again!) to head back down the left side of the pocket, this time 1/8" from the edge. Continue around all three sides like that until the stitching looks like the completed pocket photo I showed you earlier.

Repeat for the other pocket and then we can move on to the strings and neck strap.

Cut your bias binding at 125" long.

Iron in half lengthwise.

Open the length back up and iron in quarters lengthwise. This encloses the raw edges nicely inside.

Iron the corners down as seen.

Then iron back as seen.

Fold that sucker back in half lengthwise.

Now find the center and pin. Measure 11" from to the left and 11" to the right and pin there too. These two pins mark where you will place the strap/string at the neck/chest of the apron body.

Do just that, with the strap open as seen, and using the pin as a guide place the body of the apron.

Fold over and pin in place. (Don't forget to remove the previous pin from the back.)

Continue pinning down the apron and onward to the apron strings.

Repeat for the other side and the neck strap. This makes for a 22" neck strap, if you'd like it longer or shorter, now would be the time to adjust it.

Now bring the apron over to the sewing machine, and starting on the left side, stitch the end about an 1/8" from the edge.

Pivot at the corner and head down the apron string.

When you reach the side of the body, back stitch to reinforce the stress area.

Back stitch again at the top/neck area, another stress spot. Repeat as you're going down the other side.

Clip your threads and TADA, you're done! Go cook in style!

If you have any questions, let me know. Honestly, I'm not that great of a teacher.

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