Weekender Overnight Travel Bag Tutorial (with pattern!)

Introducing the Liesl Made Weekender Bag Tutorial. Finally, it only took me two years! This bag is the perfect size to carry all you need for an overnight trip or weekend getaway. It also makes a great gift (and the holiday season is coming up.)

Here are the links to download the PDFs for the instructions and the pattern. (EDIT on 9.15.13: the first link I posted wasn't the right PDF. It should be four pattern pieces on ten pages. If you don't know how to, this article explains how to use print-at-home patterns. For mine, the letters are where you line things up. Also, the bit about doubling the length of the one piece means that pattern piece should be a total of 25 1/4" long. You can either print or copy two of them and tape them together to create one full length piece to use as your pattern piece or simply place the one 1/2 length pattern piece on a fold of the fabric. But note the grain line since it is sewn to curved piece.) As I said in the PDF file, this tutorial is for an intermediate sewer. It's not that complicated but it is better if you've had some experience sewing zippers and curves. I did not go into specific details or steps I assumed an intermediate sewer would know. However, if you have any questions, feel free to email me or comment below.

A few notes: I made the photos in the PDF small so you wouldn't have to waste too much ink if you print it. If you want to see any of them larger you can see them at this flickr set. Also, the 1" scale square is on the last page of the pattern PDF, so it would be smart to print that first and measure it make sure it's accurate. You may need to adjust your printing options to get it right.

4.18.14 Update:I've received a lot emails and comments from people stating they are having trouble viewing, downloading or printing the pattern file from a tablet or smartphone. You may need to do so from a desktop. The instructions are in PDF format and hosted here on my blog. The pattern file is also a PDF but uploaded and hosted via Google documents. This was the easiest way for me to upload and host a file of this size. To my knowledge you do NOT need a Google account to view or print the document. Also clicking the "share" button does not work the way people think. For whatever reason, when you click "share" it means you are asking me, the document author, to share the file with you, so you can be a co-author and edit and whatnot. If you want to share the document in the way that any normal person would want to "share" something like this, simply copy/paste this post URL or the document URL with your friends. I'll work on getting this file hosted as a simple PDF in the future so there is no more confusion.

And if you make one of these yourself, I'd love to see it!

Pattern is offered for free and intended for personal use only, meaning you are not permitted to sell or distribute the pattern, instructions or any finished bags made from this tutorial.