Holiday Tree Ornaments

Can you believe Christmas is just a little under two weeks away? Unfortunately, this year, I'm not making too many handmade gifts. I originally had big plans but then realized they were a little unreasonable (sadly, I had to rip the biggest gift I was planning.) I might start a gift or two in the next week but I'm not going to stress about the 25th deadline.

However, I did want to make something simple and holiday inspired this year. First, I tried an advent calendar that had been in my mind for a while but it wasn't turning out the way I envisioned. So I tucked it away and will probably try it again next year. But then these tree shaped ornaments came about---probably after seeing something inspiring on Pinterest or Etsy. I call them ornaments but they would also be great tied to a gift package. As you can see by the four styles I made, they very customizable.  Here is the link to view the document where I’ll walk you through the basic process for the various styles.