Craft Hopes for the New Year

I swore I was not going to get caught up in resolutions and goals. I’m terrible at keeping them. But every year, I try, which either shows my eternal hopefulness or that I do not easily learn from the past. I guess it’s just too tempting to not get caught up in the newness of the New Year. I will avoid calling these “goals” and instead call them things I hope to do this year. I’m just throwing them out there to see what sticks:

  • knit myself some socks. Last year, I made three pairs and gifted them to my immediate family. They were all done with a worsted weight yarn and were intended to be chunky and warm. I’d like to make myself some with sock weigh yarns, I’m thinking of the Hermione and the Skyp.
  • knit another cardigan. (Praline? Stonecutters? Clairette? Hitofude? How to decide?)
  • make gourd pendants. This is something I’ve been rolling over in my little brain for quite a while.
  • finish some quilts. Particularly my mini patchwork sampler quilt, but there are so many more either started or swirling around my little brain.
  • get back to some embroidery and other “slow sews.” Back in the day, most of what I sewed was handiwork. Now I seem to barrel through things with only a finished product in mine. I hope to take more time and embrace the process (as long as it may be) of sewing by hand.
  • start up the Liesl Made Standard Line. (Already in the works! More details soon.)
  • print on fabric. Either digitally or by hand. (Or, more preferably, both.)
  • dye more yarn (and hopefully fabrics, as well.) I had a lot of fun dipping my toes in this medium last year!
  • continue thinning out my fabric stash.
  • figure out how to use that little calligraphy set I have. It includes the ink sticks, inkstone and brushes.
  • make another tri-fold knitting needle case and post a tutorial. I’ve been getting a lot of requests for it lately.
  • get more comfortable making buttonholes.
  • delve into sashiko again.

Is there any specific craft or art project you hope to accomplish or new medium you hope to explore this year?

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