Dyeing with Goldenrod and Marigold

I hadn’t intended to dye again so soon but while searching the property for more pokeberries, I spotted the goldenrod in bloom. I had wanted to try it last year but wasn’t quite ready for it in time. Since I would be going through the hassle of digging out and setting up all my dye supplies and it was the most lovely autumn-like day, I figured I might as well do a second dye as well. The marigolds here are all doing do beautifully and have plenty to spare for me to dye with. In the end, I got a gallon jar full of petals. Both flowers produced these different but equally lovely shades of yellow. I didn’t fully saturate the marigold yarn before dunking it into the dye pot so it resulted in some white patches that turned out to add beautifully to the variegation. A happy accident. The goldenrod is an alpaca/wool blend and the marigold is 100% merino wool. Both had alum and cream of tartar as a mordant. I’m already planning another marigold dye soon and an early walnut, since they have begun plunking to the ground already. The last photo shows all the yarns I’ve dyed this year, in chronological order. From left to right: dandelion, avocado, mulberry, bronze fennel, purple basil, purple basil, goldenrod and marigold. Which one is your favorite?

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