Mystery Hat Swap (Sign-Up)


In 2013, I joined Melody and others in knitting 12 hats in a year. (Sadly those posts were lost when I moved my blog but the bulk of them can be seen in the above photo and on Ravelry.) Since then, I realized how fun and rewarding it is to knit hats! They knit up quick and make great gifts. 

So in the spirit of giving and knitting camaraderie, I'd love to do a Mystery Hat Swap, where you knit your (mystery) partner a (mystery) hat! You'll fill out a small questionnaire to help your partner get a good idea of what you like as far as fiber content, colors, hat shapes and styles, etc. The fun part is that you won't know who your partner is until the end, nor what your hat will be like! 

If you'd like to join in, simply email me and I'll send you the questionnaire. You'll have until the 14th of January to get the questionnaire back to me. In the week following that, I'll pair everyone up. The swap technically starts on the 21st and that is when I'll send you your partner's preferences (minus your name and contact info.) The Swap ends on the 25th of February, so you'll have a generous five weeks to get your materials, choose your pattern and knit your partner's hat. But you're welcome to email me when you finish your hat and if your partner has finished theirs too, I'll reveal your names and give you each other's contact info.

(Since the knitting community is global, you may need to ship internationally. Hats aren't heavy so it shouldn't be too expensive. If we have enough participants, I'll try to pair people up with someone from their own country/continent if that is your preference. Otherwise, if you sign up, you are agreeing to possibly shipping internationally.)

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