I'm joining in Rochelle of Home Row Fiber Co's #2018MakeNine challenge. Here are nine projects I hope to complete in 2018.

1. Perry 2. Hitofude 3. Ondawa 4. Stockholm Cowl 5. Hansel Wrap 6. Leaves of Grass 7. Brezel Mitts 8. Simple House Slippers 9. Koselig Blanket

In addition to these nine knit items, I also aim to:

1. Design my first knit garment
2. Gift more handmades
3. Make goats milk soap
4. Connect with more fiber enthusiasts by attending and/or hosting gatherings
5. Go to fiber festivals
6. Start an interview video series
7. Improve the audio and visual of my videos

What are your creative, crafty goals in 2018?