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HOMESTEAD : Around Here Lately

Just some snippets from life around Buckaloo View in spring.

HOMESTEAD : Many Hands Make Light Work

My Grandfather often said: "Many hands make light work." (Though, he said it in German.) Then my Dad said it. (Sometimes in German, usually in English.) Now I'm saying it, too. (Only in English. I can't remember it in German.) One goal this year is to admit when I can't do something on my own, to gracefully accept help. So, last weekend, I gathered a group of friends and we tackled a corner of the barn, organizing and cleaning. Then celebrated with a fire, good food, and way too much wine.

HOMESTEAD : Gratitude is a Verb

For months, I've been trying to find the energy and courage to write this post. I planned to find the words to express how grateful I am, for all the love and support and encouragement I've received in the past few years, for all I have here at Buckaloo View, to work from, to build on. But the words won't come. Then I realized my life is this post: a continuous draft, written with all of my actions and creations.

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